Selected Comments in Addition to the Prepared Text at the Celebration of the 106th Anniversary of the International Women’s Day 2017 [Unofficial Translation]

There Should Be Women Mayors/Provincial Governors On this point, I wish to have the attentions of all participants and various other concerned institutions. We have defined that there must be female deputy governor/s in every sub-national level authority – municipal, provincial, district/Khan. Our issue here is that we do not have any female provincial governors…


Selected Impromptu Comments during the Meeting with Cambodian Workers in the Course of the Official Visit to the Republic of Korea [Unofficial Translation]

In the course of attending the commemorative ASEAN-ROK Summit in Busan, Samdech Techo Hun Sen took the time in his busy schedule to meet with Cambodian workers, from which CNV extracted and translated some of those comments.

Reasons Behind Accepting Cambodian Laborers to South Korea 

I would like to comment on why the government of South Korea accept the presence of our labourers in their country, especially in Busan. Is it because of the rivalry or the alliance between Cambodia and South Korea? On this issue, I would like to recall the truths on history of relationship between our two nations. As we all know, Korea was divided into two parts: North Korea and South Korea. There were times Cambodia worked with both of them, or worked only with the North side, and sometimes we work only with the South side. On the other hand, we have compromised according to our framework in foreign affair policy, and brought along a signing of diplomatic relations in 1996.