Selected Off-the-Cuff Comments at the 7th National Day on Clean City for 2018 “A Clean City: A City of Hospitality” [Unofficial Translation]

In addition to prepared text, Samdech Techo Hun Sen made comments on the following topics, which CNV provides unofficial translation: Wi-Fi without Internet Access Relating to this Wi-Fi thing, let me have your attention that what we have done on this project in Phnom Penh does not seem to be effective. Usually, traveling to places…


Remarks at the 73rd Session of the United Nation General Assembly

Madam President! My participation in this General Assembly is in the context that Cambodian Nation is enjoying the dividends of peace, stability and rapid development which had never been before in her modern history. Cambodia is a successful case of a war-torn country which had succeeded in making a complete and prideful transformation. Previously infamous…


Selected Impromptu Comments at the Opening of the 9th Plenary Session of Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA): “Promoting Peace and Sustainable Development in Asia” [Unofficial Translation]

In addition to the prepared text, Samdech Techo Hun Sen gave following adlib comments on color revolution, instability in the Middle East, refugees, terrorism, etc. It Is Time to Assess Color Revolution A moment ago, HE President of the Senate of Pakistan raised a number of recently emerging issues. I would like to take this…


Remarks at the Promulgation Meeting on “Mainstreaming Concept of Religious Ethics for Harmonization in Cambodia”

Venerable Samdech Preah Akka Moha Sanghareacheatepdei Tep Vong, Samdech Preah Moha Sanghareach of the Mahanikaya Order of the Kingdom of Cambodia

Venerable Samdech Preah Apiserei Sokunthea Moha Sanghareacheatepdei Bour Kri, Samdech Preah Moha Sanghareach of the Dhammayuttika Order of the Kingdom of Cambodia,

Venerable Samdech Preah Moha Sometheatepdei Noun Nget, the Head of the Buddhist Monks of the Kingdom of Cambodia,