Selected Impromptu Speech at the Graduation and Diploma Presenting Ceremony of the Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE) [Unofficial Translation]

State Universities Still Attracts Students’ Interests I wish to take this opportune moment to sincerely appreciate the Ministry of Education, Youths, and Sports regarding its efforts to manage tertiary education, especially those belong to the state, to attract interests and to keep going in a sustainable way, and ensuring quality of education. Though every state…


Selected Extempore Comments during the Graduation and Diploma Presentation Ceremony of the National University of Management [Unofficial Translation]

Dealing with Unforeseeable Circumstances

Today, I am so happy to join with all of 4,415 graduates of the National University of Management in their graduation and diploma presentation ceremony. It is important for me to remind you that the most important factor in work is getting ready for unforeseeable circumstances. Just now, it is an unforeseeable circumstance in fact. When all four thousand people here stand to salute the national anthem, the music was not on. What can we do? If I were not to tell you to be at ease, we would have stood here.