Selected Impromptu Comments during the Inauguration of the National Road 57B in Battambang Province

I have a great pleasure to be able to come and join with the Buddhist monks, Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, the Ambassador and our people to put into official use the National Road 57B that is running 176 Kilometers long in the Cambodian territory. Yesterday I had a concern if I could make a journey this far or not since I had a fever and I am still having some of it now. It all started on last Sunday but I still went to preside over the celebration of the Cultural Day event. The night of Monday, the fever was terrible. On the following Tuesday, I had a meeting from 8 am through to 12:30 pm. The fever got worse. I still have one more event to take part for the graduation and diploma presenting ceremony of the


Selected Impromptu Comments during the Inauguration of Achievements in the Province of Pursat

Pursat’s Potential – Electricity and Agriculture

It is a great pleasure that after staying overnight in Pursat in 2012 for the handing out of land title for our people, I spent the night here once again. In just two weeks, I have come twice to Pursat. I also took the time to visit the hydraulic project at Thlea Ma Am, which is under construction. Last time I visited the one at Damnak Ampil. Taking that opportune


Selected Comments during the Visit to the Tjaret Dam, Pursat Province

I have a great pleasure to come to this huge dam of Tjaret which is under construction. HE Lim Kean Hor already told you that I was supposed to be here since May last year to look into some of the needs and suggest their solutions. But because of early flood in the water system here due to heavy rain, the visit has been rescheduled until today. As we all can see that the construction has indeed taken shape for about 62% and I would take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to HE Lim Kean Hor, Minister for Water Resources personally and to workers and experts who have taken their time and efforts to fix the system at the time we had a major breakup of the dam. Thanks also go to the CPP working team under the leadership of HE Suy Sem, Minister for Industry, Mines and Energy.