Selected Comments at the Closing of the Seminar on Traffic Safety and Strategy to Prevent and Reduce Road Accidents.

… HE Sar Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Interior, has brought forwards important recommendations to our seminar on power delegation to the office of Public Works and Transports at the provincial level to issue number identity to all vehicles. There is some kind of conflicting procedure of two Sub-decrees where the idea of concentration and de-concentration has not been made clear. I have just had a confirmation from the


Selected Comments at the Graduation at the Institute of the New Khmer Generation (NKG)

It is indeed the second time that I have come here to preside over the graduation ceremony – and my previous presence was in 2002. It is four years now that I have come again to preside over the graduation for the 8 and 9 batches of 1755 students of KNG Institute. It is important to know that – after your graduation here, whether long or short term study you have – that study is an action that you have to gather on a long term basis and its progress could be achieved only according to your efforts. In this token of event I


Remarks at the 10th Government-Private Sector Forum

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen

 Today I have the great pleasure and honour to join you all once again – Your Excellencies, Ladies and GentlemenMembers of the Royal Government and Representatives of the private sector as well as all the distinguished national and international guests, at this