Selected Comments at the Groundbreaking to Launch the Construction of the Bridge Over Tonle Saap River and the Road from the Bridge to the NR 6A

The 996.2 Meter Bridge, the 8-Kilometer Road

I am so happy to be presiding over the construction ceremony of the bridge over the Tonle Saap river with the total length of 996.2 meters and the road of over 8 kilometers to connect the bridge to the NR 6A. In addition to the bridge over Prek Kadam, today we have one more bridge that will cross over the Tonle Saap River. I appreciate the effort


Selected Comments at the Graduation Ceremony at the Western University

Education for Peace and Development, and Vice Versa

My wife and I would like to express our respect and appreciation to the efforts made by our graduates and as I said if it were not without your personal efforts, no knowledge of several subjects could have been gained. I also remind the importance of the efforts made by professors and leaders of the Universities. What is also key is the fact that our country has enjoyed peace, development and because we have a correct policy on education. I hope you all will make further efforts to go on with your studies and do not take the graduation today as your end of the study efforts.


Keynote Address at the Commemoration of the 63rd Anniversary of the Establishment of the National Police Force and Inaugurating ceremony of New Commissioner General’s Headquarter of the National Police

– Your Excellency Sar Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior,

– Your Excellencies Deputy Prime Ministers, Senior Ministers, Ministers and Secretary of State,

– Your Excellencies Ambassadors to Kingdom of Cambodia

– Your Excellencies Commander General of Royal Cambodian Armed Forces and Commissioner General of the National Police,


The Inauguration of the Narun Na Im Mosque in the Commune of Jrang Jamreh, Russei Keo Distrioct, Phnom Penh

A Magnificent Mosque

The multi-source funding has indeed brought to sight this magnificent mosque in front of us and I am so proud to see such progress made after the country is liberated from the genocide of Pol Pot. It is national progress as the religions have taken its development with Islam being an example here. Though Samdech Cheas Sim, Samdech Heng Samrin and other leaders are not Muslims but after the liberation we have allowed religions to fulfill the needs for development. The second Kingdom always offers ample chance for progress altogether both in religious and secular world.