Selected Impromptu Comments at the Inauguration of the National Road 41, formerly called Preah Ang Duong Road [Unofficial Translation]

NR 4 Becomes a Priority

I would like to express my pleasure to be able to return once again after I came here for the groundbreaking ceremony on 18 May 2011. Please allow me to say a few things as I happened to have come along this area many times. It was started with the construction of the 4.2 meters bridge 117. It was followed by the construction into concrete later. That means I was around here quite a while. In addition to that, my late mother also contributed to the reconstruction of the Kdei Lovea Buddhist pagoda, which is not far from here. Many of my relatives, my late grandaunt included, were buried there. My late mother also has one other pagoda called Tropang Korng in Kompong Speu’s district of Samraong Tong too.


Selected Comments at the Inauguration of the Hun Sen – Anlong Chrey College in the Commune of Prambei Mum, Thpong District, Kompong Speu province

I wish to take this solemn occasion to express my sincere appreciation and praise for the efforts made by teachers, students and their supervisors in making these achievements possible. If we talk about the district of Thpong, it is quite appropriate to say it is the newest or youngest district in the province of Kompong Speu. Though we have the chance to put into official use these marvelous buildings but I am so sorry that we have been late to build up this college compared to those in other districts of the same province. However as is said very often late is better than never.


Selected Comments at the Inauguration of Bat Doeng College, Udong District, Kompong Speu Province

It is indeed a great pleasure that I am here with all of you to put into formal use a new achievement – the Hun Sen – Bat Doeng College for the poeple in Kompong Speu’s Udong district in particular, and for the country as a whole. I remember that a director of a school here in Udong called into Bayon radio program and said that he wanted to see a college built in his district. HE Say Chhum came to see me one day before talking about his intention to build a college in the district of Thpong. On his way to Thpong I called His Excellency Say Chhum to go by Udong to check. That is how this construction proposal came about.