Remarks at the Closing of the 36th Health Conference

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, and Distinguished local and International Guests
All Participants!

Today, I am delighted to attend the closing of this important 36th Health Conference held for the last two days. Indeed, this conference has provided all of us a chance to review the achievements, opportunities and challenges to work together on formulating and implementing the new action plan in consistency with the Cambodian Millennium Development Goals (CMDGs) in the health sector, setting priority areas to be implemented in 2015 and setting direction for the coming years to achieve success and ensure the fruitful outcome and prosperity for our society.


Selected Impromptu Comments at the Closing Session of the 36th Annual Review Meeting of the Ministry of Health

In addition to the prepared text, Samdech Techo Hun Sen made some comments that are selected and translated here followed:

Private Physicians

We should do more work to strengthen healthcare at the local level, where the state and private physicians are providing services altogether. The case of the village of Rokar is concerned, I think it is a big problem as far as administering and management of physicians that are spread throughout the county is concerned. In the beginning I could not pull myself to believe what happened. How come HIV/AIDS could spread to hundreds of people? After we have conducted thorough research, I come to a conclusion that it is a big issue.


Selected Impromptu Comments at the Graduation and Diploma Presentation Ceremony of the University of Agriculture at Chamka Daung [Unofficial Translation]

50th Founding Anniversary and 30th Reopening Anniversary of RUA-Chamka Daung

I am so happy to be able to join all of you, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen on the occasion of this graduation and diploma presenting ceremony for 1639 students of the Royal University of Agriculture at Chamka Daung (RUA – Chamka Daung). I am grateful for the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports and the University’s rector for organizing this ceremony here (at the National Institute of Education), which is not far from my house and convenient to other honored guests. Coincidentally, the graduation and diploma presenting ceremony happens right at the time when the RUA – Chamka Daung celebrates its 50th founding anniversary (December 1964/2014) as is reported in the report of Dr. Uk Rabun.