Samdech Techo Hun Sen’s Conversation with Residents in the Angkor Area Who Voluntarily Relocate to the New Settlement at Run Ta Ek Village, Banteay Srey District, Siem Reap Province [Unofficial Translation]

(1) Preah Borom Ratanakaod Initiated Designation Request Since 1991 for Angkor Wat to Be Listed as a World Heritage Site Today is the third day of our (fifteen) religious rites and a day when our people can come together here. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our people for understanding what we…


Excerpts from the Speech of Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Construction of Two Overpasses – (1) the Preah Monivong Overpass and (2) the Overpass (Samdech Chao Fah Veang) Kong Sam Ol [Unofficial Translation]

(1) Preah Monivong Overpass and Kong Sam Ol Overpass – Roads Are Not Up for Transportation Demand […] since these bridges have long names, I would like to suggest we call the first bridge “Preah Monivong Flyover/Overpass” […] and the second bridge […] “Kong Sam Ol Overpass” […] it is not that we are starting,…


Extensive Excerpts from the Off-the-Cuff Speech of Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Inauguration of the Statue of Preah Thaong and Neang Neak (Preah Thaong and the Naga Lady), Sihanoukville City [Unofficial Translation]

Statues of Preah Thaong and Neang Neak – a Tribute to Emergence of Territory Today is April 16, 2022 and is also the third day of the Khmer New Year, Buddhist era 2566 […] we have a wedding ceremony to install and officially celebrate the statues of Preah Thaong and Neang Neak in the city…


Excerpt on special messages for the announcements of permission to hold weddings or religious ceremonies without limiting the number of people [unofficial Translation]

My thought and prayer to all venerable, The Board of Directors of Islam, the leaders of Christianity and other religions in the Kingdom of Cambodia and would like to inform our dear compatriots! (1) Consider the Size of Location, Large or Small, to Determine the Number of People Attending the Wedding, Plus Health Measures After…


Excerpts of Off-the-Cuff Speech at the 22nd National Culture Day, the Closing of Sixth Youth Arts Festival, and the 3rd Gathering of Artists​ [Unofficial Translation]

[…] (The Ministry) must find it out. Even if the (Cambodian) persons who led the Royal Ballet team is a royal families member himself, the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts must invite and give him/her instruction on such devastating action. Cambodian arts belongs to the Cambodian nation, not an exclusive property of anyone royal members. Even HM the King, he never considers them his own exclusively […]

[…] Firstly, please work together to keep value of national culture and arts by maintaining the different forms of arts that we have. I continue to say that there could be no cultural aggression from outside but only voluntary acceptance […]

[…] Secondly, may I ask artists not to insult each other online/Facebook? It is quite inappropriate. As artists, you are public figures taking your appearance on TV and among thousands of public where you performed. What would it do to your reputation when you insult one another on Facebook? […] either in associations or as individuals, artists must refrain from such rhetoric or insults […] you are pursuing roles of social educators but you seemed to do things that disrepute yourselves […]

Samdech Techo Hun Sen, 22nd National Culture Day, 3 March 2020


Excerpts from Exclusive Interview Given to China-Cambodia Friendship Radio, China Central Television, and Xinhua News Agency on the 70th Founding Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China [Unofficial Translation]

Question 1: […] this year is the 70th founding anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, what are your personal impressions on achievements scored by China in its 70 years’ development? […] First of all, Cambodia is so happy and congratulating China’s 70th founding anniversary of the People’s Republic. In fact, at the time that…


Speech and Extempore Comments at the Celebration of the 21st National Culture Day, the Closing of the Fifth Youth Arts Performance, and Meeting with Artists in the Whole Country [Unofficial Translation]

In addition to the prepared text, Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, makes comments selected and translated unofficially by CNV as followed: A Great Loss of Two Heroic Artists – Prach Chhuon and Phlong Moeuk […] Before I continue my speech, let me remind us all…


Remark at the official launch of the Asian Cultural Council

Samdech Vibol Sena Pheakdey Say Chhum, President of the Senate of Cambodia; Samdech Akka Moha Ponhea Chakrei Heng Samrin, President of the National Assembly of Cambodia; E. Jusuf Kalla, Vice President of Indonesia; E. Jose de Venecia, Founding Chairman of International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP) and the ICAPP delegates; E. Andrés Pastrana Arango,…


Selected Impromptu Speech at the Meeting to Commemorate 10th Anniversary Addition of the 11th-Century Preah Vihear Temple and 1st Anniversary Addition of Sambo Prey Kuk Temple to the List of World Heritage Sites [Unofficial Translation]

A Memory of What We Went Through Ten Years Ago How are you? Will you take French (football team) or Croatian? Though we do not have the presence of the French Ambassador here, I wish to deliver the people and Government of France a chance to lift up the World Cup 2018, after they once…