Remarks on the Amendment of the Constitution on the Condition of Khmer Nationality as the Only Permitted Nationality for Leaders of the Top National Institutions on the Occasion of the Plenary Session of the Council of Ministers

His Excellency, Lok Chumteav, And also, my gratitude toward the provinces/capitals, as well as units of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces and all networks that attended today’s meeting through videoconference and physical meeting of our Council of Ministers! Due to COVID-19, we postponed the cabinet meeting for a while. Nevertheless, after the vaccination reached both…


Excerpts of Off-the-Cuff Speech at the Graduation and Diploma Presenting Ceremony of the Asia-Europe University [Unofficial Translation]

[…] The US-ASEAN summit scheduled to take place on March 14. However, in light of Covid-19 outbreak, President Donald Trump is required to postpone […] I supported his decision […] the President as well as we, leaders in ASEAN, are focusing efforts to keep the disease situation under control […]

[…] I have come to a point that in the time to come I will hold those who spread fake news – for instance that someone fell dead because of Covid-19, responsible as terrorists […] (One may ask that) those rogues (have done so) what would they get in return from spreading fake news […] but causing fear for people and their own families […]

[…] the National Council for Women appealed to women not to wear shorts […] I have said that those who do business online should not go live in inappropriate dressings […] some said we violated human rights […] have they looked up laws regarding human trafficking and protection of custom and tradition? […]

Samdech Techo Hun Sen, Diploma Presenting Ceremony of the Asia-Europe University, 2 March 2020


Selected Impromptu Speech at the Graduation and Diploma Presenting Ceremony for Graduates of the Institute of Technology of Cambodian (ITC) and Inauguration of Its Engineering Building [Unofficial Translation]

Seeking Assistance for ITC […] We have made so much efforts to seek assistance to enable re-functioning of ITC. I also came here to hand over diplomas. As soon as the former Soviet Union crumbled and divided, we learnt for sure that they would not be able to provide further assistance to ITC. I had…


Selected Off-the-Cuff Intervention at the National Assembly Session on New Article 48(III) of Its Internal Regulation’s New Chapter 12 [Unofficial Translation]

Amendment to New Article 48(III) in Absence of Opposition Party May be I should welcome the absence of the opposition party (National Assembly members) this morning. This action should show our people the very reason why the Cambodian People’s Party decides to call for the amendment and implementation of some other works. It all started…