On 22 November 2013, at the Peace Palace, meeting with the Cambodian sportsmen to participate in the 27th SEA Games from December 11 through to 22 December in Myanmar, Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha  Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen of Cambodia reminds them to abide strictly by the technical norms of and to keep their spirits high for every competition.

Winning or losing is a normal matter in sports but every sportsman must make effort and abide strictly by the rules with honor, Samdech Techo advised. All 285 sportsmen are indeed the Cambodian pride, Samdech Techo noted, though it is still a small number compared to sportsmen and sportswomen from other participating countries. Under the regime of Pol Pot, Samdech Techo recalled, the sports infrastructure was completely ruined. However, what we have achieved today is a good foundation for Cambodia to host SEA Games in 2023.

With regard to rewards, Samdech Techo Hun Sen instructed the modification of the Sub-decree 19, which defines rewards for sportsmen and sportswomen in international competition, to offer a sum from 80 to 120 million Riel for gold medal winner, from 64 to 80 million Riel for silver medal winner, and from 40 to 64 million Riel for bronze medal winner.

For the sports competition in the framework of Asian Games, the gold medal winner will get a reward of 80 million Riel, the silver medal winner will get a reward of 40 million Riel and bronze medal collector will get 24 million Riel. In the framework of SEA Games, the gold medal collector will get up to 40 million Riel, silver medal collector will get 30 million Riel and bronze medal collector will get 16 million Riel.

Samdech Techo affirms that the new sub-decree applies for the sportsmen and sportswomen to take part in the 27th SEA Games upon their return. Samdech Techo also took that opportune moment to encourage every sportsmen and sportswomen that he would offer from his own coffer 5,000 USD for gold medal collector, 3,000 USD for silver medal collector and 2,000 USD for bronze medal collector./.