Speech at the Closing of the General Assembly of the Sixth-Term Cambodian Red Cross

Excellencies, Lok Oknha, Distinguished National and International Guests,
Dear all the Participants!

Today, I am delighted to participate in the closing of the “the General Assembly of the Sixth-Term Cambodian Red Cross” held over the last two days. This General Assembly is a great opportunity for us to take stock of the achievements of the Fifth-Term Cambodian Red Cross and review progress and challenges in the implementation of the Cambodian Red Cross Strategy 2011 – 2020 which has four core areas, viz. disaster management, promotion of health and healthcare in community, promotion of humanitarian principles and values, and institutional development and resource

Selected Extempore Comments on a Visit to Handicap Soldiers and Their Families at the Techo Village Development Center at Koh Sla, Chhouk District, Kompot Province [Unofficial Translation]

It is tremendously a great pleasure for my wife and I as well as other leaders to meet you – handicap soldiers, families, teachers and Buddhist monks again today. Please allow me to excuse myself for being absent on 7 March 2012, when you organized the inauguration ceremony of a temple in your Buddhist monastery here. It was because I could not leave my late father then as he was in critical health condition. I had to ask HE Say Chhum, Vice President of the Senate, and HE Chea Sophara, Minister of Rural Development, to represent me in that very important religious ceremony.

Selected Extempore Comments at the Birthday Anniversary of the Buddhist Headmonk Samdech Luas Lay at Sansam Kosal Pagoda, Phnom Penh [Unofficial Translation]

This is a remarkably auspicious day that once again the students of Samdech Luas Lay, one of our chief Buddhist monks, have celebrated for him his 100th birthday anniversary on this day of 14 on the full moon of Pisakha of the year of horse in the Buddhist year of 2558 or May 12, 2014. I could recall that on his 94th birthday anniversary in 2007, I did mention that we should choose the best time for this anniversary for Samdech Preah Dhama Likhet Luas Lay in the full moon time of this month and year. Dr. Pen Siman sent me an SMS inquiring what to do with the 100th anniversary of Samdech Luas Lay.

Selected Impromptu Comments at the Celebration of the 151 Anniversary of the World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day [Unofficial Translation]

Today I am so happy to join with you all once again to celebrate the 151 anniversary of the May-8 Red Cross and Red Crescent Day. Last year and years before last, on May 8, every year, we gather here for the celebration of the day. We can say that the gathering is like a mark of ending dry season and entering the new rainy season. I would like to take this opportune moment to express on behalf of the Royal Government of Cambodia and my own behalf my deep thank and gratitude for the contribution made by Excellencies, ladies, Oknha, gentlemen in this remarkable event of solidarity, humanity and a culture of sharing.

Selected Impromptu Comments at the Graduation and Diploma Presenting Ceremony of the University of Human Resource, Phnom Penh (Unofficial Translation)

I am glad to join with all of our Buddhist monks, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, on this graduation and diploma presenting ceremony of the Human Resource University (HRU) for its 1794 graduates. The report of the HRU’s leader, once again has taken our attention to the development of the HRU, which has in fact started as a non-governmental organization. The progress made concerning the development of human resource here witnesses the share that HRU contributed and the growing relations HRU has with other institutions as partner. It is indeed my pleasure to see that we have assured expansion of education with the help of the private sector.

Selected Impromptu Comments at the Inauguration Ceremony of the SOS Children’s Village in O’Russey District, Kratie City, Kratie Province

Welcome and Thank SOS Children’s Village International

I am so glad today that we meet here together to put into official use of the Cambodian SOS Children’s Village in the province of Kratie. It is indeed a motivated feeling to see more achievements mushrooming on our land as is stipulated by Mr. Siddhartha Kaul, President of the SOS Children’s Villages International, which is partner of the Royal Government of Cambodia. This is indeed the ninth project and Mr. Siddhartha Kaul has

Address at the Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of Independence Day and the Establishment of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces

The Most Respected His Majesty NORODOM SIHAMONI, King of Cambodia
Samdech Akka Moha Thamma Pothisal Chea Sim, President of the Senate,
Samdech Akka Moha Ponhea Chakrei Heng Samrin, President of the National Assembly,
Excellencies Senators, Members of the National Assembly, Members of the Royal Government of Cambodia,
Excellencies, Ambassadors to the Kingdom of Cambodia and Distinguished International Guests,
Beloved Compatriots,

At this auspicious commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the National Independence Day and the founding of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces, on behalf of Samdech Akka Moha Thama Pothisal Chea Sim, President of the Senate and Samdech Akka Moha Ponhea Chakrei Heng Samrin, President of the National Assembly and personally, I

Address at the Unveiling of the Statue ofHis Late Majesty Preah Borom Ratanak Kaudh

Venerable Samdech Preah Akka Moha Sangreacheathipdey Tep Vong, Great Supreme Patriarch of the Kingdom of Cambodia,
Venerable Samdech Preah Aphisereysokunthea Moha Sangreacheathipdey Bou Kry, Supreme Patriarch of the Dhammayuttika Order of the Kingdom of Cambodia,

Selected Impromptu Introduction to the First Session of the National Assembly and Briefing to the Press Thereafter (Unofficial Translation)

Here followed is the compiled and translated introductory statement of Samdech Techo Hun Sen to the first session of the fifth legislative term of the National Assembly and the press briefing thereafter.

National Assembly’s First Session Always Meets in September

Before I start reading for you (the Political Platform of the Royal Government of Cambodia of the Fifth Legislature of the National Assembly), please allow me to make some

Selected Impromptu Comments at the Inauguration of the Buddhist Achievements in the Pagoda of Lang Ka, Phnom Penh (Unofficial Translagtion)

On May 27, at the inauguration of the Buddhist achievements in the Pagoda of Lang Ka, Phnom Penh, Samdech Techo addressed the audience on the Royal Government’s policy on religious issue, benefits gained from Buddhism, harmonious and interdependence relations between Buddhism and secular world, hostels for less-resource students, and contribution by the Buddhist monks to the humanitarian assistance.