Selected Comments during the Welcoming Ceremony for Sorn Seavmey, First Cambodian Gold Medalist in the 17th Asian Games, Incheon, South Korea, 2014 [Unofficial Translation]

First of all, I would like to ask everyone to congratulate our heroine, Sorn Seavmey and her coach, Mr Choi Yong Sok, who brought fame to our nation.

Tonight, our nation is proud of our first gold medal of the history. According to the statistics of the Asian Games, China ranks first with their 151 gold medals, while this is the first and only gold medal for Cambodia. Therefore, we celebrate this special occasion by making a parade and holding a welcoming conference by the Royal Government here at the Peace Palace. According to the report by HE Thong Khon and mass media, this is our first gold medal since 1954. Is it the first medal in 60 years for Cambodia?