Selected Impromptu Comments at the Launch of National Disability Strategic Plan for 2014/18 and the Fifth Anniversary of the Law on Protection and Promotion of Rights of Disabilities [Unofficial Translation]

Issue of 2% of Obligatory Recruitment of Disables in Public Work

As far as this matter of disables recruited for work in public institutions, I would urge the Minister of Social Affairs, Veteran and Youth Rehabilitation (MSAVYR) to discuss with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS) on this. We have 190,000 government employees and 110,000 of them are teachers. (With regard to recruiting 2% of their staff from disables and 1% in private workplace) 2% of the 110,000 number is worth reconsidering. I urge the MSAVRY to bring this issue up with MEYS. Imagine if some disables have had to stand teaching. For other job functions, they would find something to fit them. They have their problems. One of my friends got amputated and is standing teaching with one leg. We do not want to see this.